A Doubling of Server Performance

I’m always in the market for something that makes my server faster. At the end of last year I bought a ASRock Z97 Extreme 6 motherboard with a i7-4790K Intel CPU.

I don’t have the performance improvement but considering I was running an Intel i7-880 (Lynfield series – around 4 generations ago) processor before the improvement was dramatic.

This time I’ve bought some kit, and decided to share the improvements. So I had 12GB of existing Corsair 1600MHz CL9 RAM and a Samsung Evo 750GB SSD. I’ve now put in 32GB of Corsair 2400MHz Dominator Platinum RAM and a 512GB M.2 Samsung SSD (the fastest available SSD at present). This SSD takes 4xPCI channels and claims over 30GB/s in transfer speeds. So some pickies. The first thing you notice is just how small this SSD is:


It took just a few minutes to install it on the motherboard:


You can hardly see it against the rest of the mobo, but this shot shows the memory sticks without the fan (which I’ve temporarily taken off to show the memory sticks):


So the stats – the key PassMark figures I have are:

Before: Memory - 2048
After: Memory - 2472 (a 20% improvement)
Before: Disk - 4471
After: Disk - 8858 (a 100% improvement).

Just to show you the actual figures:


And all of this was inside a Windows VM. Wow 🙂


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