My First 40″ 4K Monitor

My main monitor in my set of 3 monitors that I normally use was playing up and I was getting fed up with it. So it was a needless excuse to go and check was out on the market. So a quick bit of research showed a¬†Philips BDM4065UC 40″ 4K UHD Monitor going for just over $1000AUD.

I did the usual research and most reviews put the main negative as “it’s too big”. No way. After having used it for a couple of days it took me around 30 secs to get used it. My eyesight is no longer as it was in my glory days and this is a beautiful piece of kit. One negative is the stand isn’t adjustable but that hasn’t worried me either. This is all running off a Haswell GPU at 30fps. Anyway, decide for yourself:

My new monitor