Laptop Battery Ripoff by Manufacturers

Well, it now appears my $2000 laptop has a faulty battery. I don’t even get one hour out of it now, making it useless for taking it “off site”.

If you buy an Apple product you probably know that to get a new battery you have to take it to an Apple service center so you have to pay for the battery + the service + freight = super high cost. And if you are an Apple customer you know this because with Apple, you always have to pay. Which is why I don’t buy Apple products (OK, I crumbled and my daughter has an iPod Touch).

But I did not expect a manufacturer which probably isn’t in the top 3 producers of non-Apple laptops to expect me to do the same.

Yes, Gigabyte, that’s you. Shame on you. Grrrrr.

It’s a shame – I quite like my Gigabyte P35K, it’s a zippy little machine and it does exactly what I want. But now I won’t be buying from Gigabyte again. You’ve become Apple.

Edit: Well, surprisingly Gigabyte have come back to me to offer me a new battery. $137 later and I’ve installed it with success. So now I have spent $300 on a “super battery” + this new battery. Oh well, now I’m fully charged!

My faith in humanity has been restored (at least for today).